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Post  Booker T. Slice on Wed Aug 31, 2011 4:15 pm

Ok, heres how see the weekend unfolding, add or correct where you see appropriate...

~Those following Texags can understand the confusion on to when exactly we will be able to claim our tailgate spot so to prevent any possible errors
1) Lane and I will try to mark it at noon friday(the original time), and if a no go well figure out when we can... (better safe than sorry)
2) In the event that we do have to wait untill noon saturday, I expect burger lane and I will get it done, but i assume were going to have to get out there (10ish?) to lock our spot down as its sure to be a cluster f***...

~From their we can either hang out at our plot or back at the APT and catch the football action(somewhere in there we will probably hit up our pool)

~Dinner T.B.A. but i say we do something out but out of the way, its gonna be packed! Or possibly a tailgate cookout??...

~Saturday night, we face our fears, man up and hit the s*** fest of crowds that are going to be out. Im sure some of you are going to try to find excuses but I will be out their regardless to help ring in the big 2-3 bday...

~Sunday morning will be a fun one(hangover breakfast at our apartment if you want in), but i know Sewell was cooking at the tailgate... You can count on me being out there by 11:30 absolute latest.

~from their we bask in the greatness of our tailgates and bid good morrow to the ponies as they tuck their tails heading out of town. lol!

With all of that out, heres what i think needs to be addressed before sunday.

1)Food! I think that since we have been slow(probably due to over-excitement) its gonna be a hodge-podge bring and throw down what you want.
~I have not class on friday and will be buying food for alot of people, if you want in on this please be sure to let me know ASAP so i can plan accordingly

2) Time to be at tailgate sunday morning

3) How involved and set-up are we going to be on saturday afternoon?

Well for now that's about all i got but spill what you want on here for preperation, and please give a timeline for when your rolling into town. I need to let me body know when it should plan on having a drinking buddy!
Booker T. Slice
Booker T. Slice

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SMU weekend overview... Empty Re: SMU weekend overview...

Post  Lukeno on Thu Sep 01, 2011 8:04 am

Reading this got me so pumped....
For marking off the spot, I think you'll be able to tomorrow at noon, but obviously we can get out there an hour early Saturday to mark it off if needed.
Personally, if we're allowed to, I'd like to spend some time out at the spot on Saturday...start the tailgate off early.

NG Saturday night sounds good to me, screw the crowds.
Sunday I'll be at the tailgate early as hell...I know most people won't want to, so just join me if you please.
Sewell and I figured that beygas/digs/duck/sides would be a good start to the season (if nothing else, just for walk-ups and to have throughout the day). We can discuss all of this when I get up there maƱana..

I can't freaking wait!!!! Yeahehuhuhuhuhu!!!!!!

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SMU weekend overview... Empty Re: SMU weekend overview...

Post  codeno on Thu Sep 01, 2011 2:33 pm

I would be down for the tailgate dinner on Saturday if others wanted to join. I believe Sewell will have a Dish so hopefully we can get some real channels.

Luke, pick up the generator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mad

Also, how many people do you guys expect our tailgate to have? I was assuming similar crowds to last year.

NG sounds good to me Saturday night. I might regret that decision.

I hope Sewell and Luke are with me in hopes that we get out there Sunday at the crack of dawn to get the party started.

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SMU weekend overview... Empty Re: SMU weekend overview...

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